Your use of the Triple S website and your submission of your personal information to us is your agreement to the terms contained in this agreement, by referring to “the company” or “we”, it represents the Triple S company registered in the Kingdom of Jordan, while “you” or “the user” represents any person who Using website. If you do not agree to these terms, you should stop using the website. Do we collect your personal data? If you browse the store, we will not collect any personal data about you except when you decide to use the service and benefit from it, and if you use it, we collect the personal data shown below: The name E-mail Mobile number Location and address "This requires the activation of the positioning feature at times" How do we use personal data? We collect personal data, which was previously mentioned for the following reasons: How is the electronic payment process done within the website? We use a trusted third party to process electronic payments, and these processes do not apply to people who choose "pay on receipt" during the booking process. This third party may request information about your credit card and may ask you to access your contact list. Do we share your personal data with any other parties? The privacy of Nana’s users is one of the most important things that we try to protect in all possible ways, as we never sell or share this data and we do not disclose or share it with any third party for any purpose whatsoever. Is your personal data safe? We use very advanced technologies to maintain the privacy of your data and prevent it from loss, theft or piracy, but we disclaim our full responsibility for any breach that occurs on the part of your connection. The right to amend the terms of use We have the full right to update our terms of use, whether by adding or deleting new items or amending existing terms at any time. How do we notify mint users of any update in the terms of use? We do not send any notice or e-mail about updates to the terms of use, but you can always know of any update by checking the date of the last update of these terms, which is on the last line on this page. What law are the conditions subject to? The terms of use are governed by the law of the Kingdom of Jordan, and your consent to them means your agreement to submit to the jurisdiction of the Jordan courts. Do you have any questions? If you have any inquiries, questions or concerns about these terms, we are always welcome to answer your questions and inquiries. You can contact us directly by e-mail at info@triples.com and the response will be done as soon as possible. Last updated 10/02/2021